You are here as awakened beings to be, not to do. This is a terrifically difficult concept to receive within the context of incarnated life because life as you know it, as you experience it, as the culture teaches you to experience it, is about doing. You were taught to value yourself as a worker, as a producer, as an accomplisher of deeds. They may be many different kinds of deeds, but at the next gathering to which you go, you will be asked not, “Who are you?” but, “What do you do?” And you will be valued by many people according to how that answer goes. And yet we say to you that you are not here primarily as a doer, but as an essence. In the energetic or metaphysical sense, each of you is a field of energy. Now this energy is not simple. Each of you has, as a core vibration, the one great original Thought. Each of you, at the core, is the Creator. Indeed, the basic goal of evolution is to come once again into full vibratory congruency with the one original Thought that is the Logos. This Logos could be described as love, and yet that word has been so sullied by being used for different kinds of passion and emotion and devotion that it is inadequate at heart to express the fullness of that quality that is creative and divine love.

The Daily Q’uote for June 19, 2014